District Attorney Singas established the Nassau County School and Community Safety Task to enhance the security of schools, colleges, places of worship, and public buildings. 

The Task Force will:

  • Explore the protocols in place at Nassau schools and colleges to share information regarding potential threats with law enforcement

  • Assess the training and support needs of educators, religious leaders, and private security officials at public buildings, including malls, to reduce the threat of a mass casualty event

  • Develop recommendations and guidance to ensure that timely disclosures regarding students or patients who may be a danger to themselves or others are made to the appropriate parties

  • Prepare a training curriculum for educators and mental health practitioners regarding the health and safety exceptions to FERPA and HIPPA  

  • Issue a public report detailing the Task Force’s findings and recommendations.

​“These horrific acts
of violence could
happen here, and we
must take every
possible preventative
step to ensure that
educators, parents,
mental health
professionals, and religious leaders share information regarding possible threats, and that law enforcement diligently investigates them. This Task Force will bring stakeholders together to tear down communication barriers and ensure Nassau is taking a proactive approach to prevent these senseless crimes.”       

     Madeline Singas       
     Nassau County District Attorney

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Contact the Task Force 

Contact the District Attorney's Office at
www.nassauda.org or (516) 571-3800